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How long does it take to send bitcoin

How Long Does Bitcoin Take to Send?

Are you a new Bitcoin user and wondering how long does Bitcoin take to send? Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market with millions of users. At present, the Bitcoin pricing is as high as $ 18,000.02 USD per Bitcoin.  One of the most common questions asked by the beginners is

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How to save money from your salary

17 Unexpected Ways to Save Money from Your Salary

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? If yes, then now is the time for you to save some money from your salary. I know you have this question in mind: “how can I save money from my salary?” Don’t worry! In this article you will get to know about 17 unique ways to

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What if you don't have a car for driving test

What if You Don’t Have a Car for Driving Test?

Getting your first driving license is a lifetime accomplishment, but what if you don’t have a car for driving test? Well, in that case, you can still take your driving test. Want to know how? Well, there are numerous options like borrowing a car from a family member or friend or renting a car from

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How do you save money on food while staying at hotels

How Do You Save Money on Food While Staying at Hotels?

Staying at hotels usually demands you to spend on food. In addition, eating food from hotels daily could be bad for your health and expensive for your pocket. So how do you save money on food while staying at hotels? In this article, we discuss how you can budget your money by taking advantage of

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Is Delivering Pizza Worth It?

Is Pizza Delivery Worth It?

Is pizza delivery worth it to earn some extra bucks? If your day job alone isn’t enough to make a good living, you could be thinking of getting another job. But what are the best available options for part-time jobs? You may think of investing in stocks, driving UBER, or writing short stories online. Most

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Earn money on discord gaming

How Does Discord Make Money?

Do you know how does Discord make money? With over 14 million daily players, Discord is one of the most popular gaming applications. Moreover,  what’s better than chatting with your playmates without any disruptions? That’s what Discord does the best. It lets players have efficient communication and also takes care of their security. However, the

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How to Save on Your Gas Bill: 17 Clever Tips

Do you want to know how to save on your gas bill? It’s really frustrating to see your bill high. Moreover, it can be a major setback for your monthly budget. According to U.S. Department of Energy, a typical American family spends $2,200 annually on gas bills. That’s a huge amount not including your other

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How to save money money from salary

17 Tips on How to Save Money from Your Salary

If you’re like many employed people, chances are you’re living from paycheck to paycheck. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t feel so good on so many levels because you don’t get to see where your money goes.  This is even harder if you’re planning to tie the knot with the love of your life. I mean, do

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how much is marriage counseling

How Much is Marriage Counseling: 6 Surprising Things You Should Know

On an average, couples spend $25,000 on their marriage! Isn’t it strange that couples spend this much amount on their marriage, but step back when it comes to maintaining a healthy married life? Most often, people think that marriage therapy is expensive. In reality, even without doing proper research, they come to this conclusion. Moreover,

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