10 Best Traveling Jobs for Couples

10 Best Traveling Jobs for Couples

Are you and your significant other tired of working 9-5?  Ready to say goodbye to restricting jobs that don’t pay you what you’re worth?  If you said yes, then it might be time for you both to consider these best traveling jobs for couples! 

The 10 Best Traveling Jobs for Couples

1) Teach English Abroad

You’ve probably heard of this gig before.  Pack up your bags and teach English in a foreign country- sounds pretty awesome, right?  Now imagine doing it with your partner!

Teaching English Abroad is one of the best traveling jobs for couples


Flights and housing are oftentimes reimbursed, and you’ll get assistance with all your visa needs!


You will likely need either a TESOL or CELTA certificate.  Also, keep your fingers crossed that the school has a position for you and your partner.

 Resources: www.TheEnglishCampCompany.com | www.AdventureTeaching.com

2) Pet Sitting Abroad

Pets and traveling…do any two things go together better?  You and your partner can get paid to watch a furry friend and stay in the owners’ home too!

Pet Sitting Abroad or Taking Care of Pets can be fun but tiring!


It’s likely you will be able to stay in the pet owner’s home, free of charge.  Also, pet owners are eager to hire couples so they know their pets will be well taken care of.


You’ll likely have to take care of your own visa and flight arrangements.  You also might need another source of income abroad to stay financially comfortable.

Resources: www.Rover.com | www.MindMyHouse.com

3) Nannying Abroad

Also known as an au pair, this job is perfect for the couple who enjoys caring for children.  In fact, in Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East it is quite popular to hire in-home help.  Job expectations include cooking meals for children and looking after their general well-being.

Nannying Abroad aka au pair can be a good job abroad


In addition to a small money, you will also enjoy free room and board!  So, there’s no need to worry about living expenses!


This position isn’t always considered a great traveling job for couples.  By that we mean you might have difficulty finding a home that is willing to place two people.  Keep this in mind as well as how demanding a child-rearing schedule can be.

Resources: Aupair.com

4) Day Trading

Perhaps not for the less business-inclined, day trading can be a great way for couples to support themselves while abroad.  If you’re willing to be up by 9:30am EST, you can make $100-$1000 in just a few hours.

Day trading or stocks could provide travel opportunities


Since this job only requires an internet connection, you’re not tied down to one specific location.  Feel free to travel where you want, when you want.


Day trading is not a skill that can be learned overnight.  It requires money and knowledge to get started, and even then, you might not see significant cash right away.

Resources: 10 Day Strategies for Beginners

5) Blogging or Vlogging

Similar to day trading, blogging or vlogging is a great way to work abroad without being locked into one location or schedule.  So long as you have an internet connection, you can work.  And you get to decide how frequently that is.

Blogging or Vlogging  is one of the best traveling jobs for couple as it provides flexibility.


Blogging and vlogging offer an unrestricted schedule to pursue something that interests you like food, fashion or fitness. Whatever catches your interest can be the subject of your blog or vlog.


Also, like day trading, blogs, or vlogs aren’t usually a success overnight.  Do your research about what topics consistently appeal to internet audiences. And also get some reliable sponsors before expecting your blog or vlog to entirely support you.

Resources: How to Start a Blog for Beginners | Vlogging for Beginners

6) Travel Photography

Got a camera and some photography knowledge?  Then this might be one of the best traveling jobs for couples you’ve been searching for.  Take photos of popular landmarks and sell them on stock photography websites.  Or go to local businesses and offer your photo services as content for ads or social media.

Travel Photography as one of the best traveling jobs for couple


Photography is a great job for couples because it often requires two people.  One is behind the camera while the other fixes props, adjusts lights, etc.  Additionally, one half of the couple can handle the business side of things while the other takes on the artistic.


Figuring out flight, visa, and accommodation arrangements will totally be on you.  And of course, like any other freelance gig, travel photography might not be a consistent way to bring in money.

Resources: How to Get Paid as a Photographer

7) Travel Agent

Perhaps the most “normal” job on our list, couples hoping to travel often can look into travel planning.  Unlike other jobs where you will live abroad, couples who travel plan can still live in the US.  However, you’ll have expenses paid to travel to new locations every once in a while, known as familiarization trips.  The goal of these work trips is to get to know new destinations that you will sell travel packages to.

Becoming a travel agent provides jobs to travel abroad


This is a great option for a couple who want to lead a traditional life, with a sprinkle of adventure.  Work locally but enjoy an all-expense paid vacation every so often.


Because you’re being sent on vacation for work purposes, you won’t exactly get to choose where you’re going to stay or for how long.

Resources: How to Become a Travel Agent

8) Join the Backroads or WWOOF Organizations

Are you more of an outdoorsy couple?  If so, this might be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner. Backroads is a great program that compensates couples (stipend and room and board) for giving tours of the great outdoors! 

One of the best traveling jobs for couple is to join Backroads

WWOOF, on the other hand, stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  This organization asks for your manual labor on farms abroad in exchange for a small stipend or room and board.

Couple helping in the farm as part of WWOOF jobs abroad


Get a genuine, memorable opportunity to connect with the great outdoors of your remote destination.


This job is not the most glamorous.  Unless you and your partner are willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, there are probably better jobs on this list for you.

Resources: www.backroads.com | wwoof.net

9) Inn Keeper or Hostel Worker

How do free room and board abroad sound?  If you’re thinking ‘pretty good,’ then it’s time we ask another question.  Are you willing to pitch in with front desk or maintenance duties?  If so, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner.

One of the best traveling jobs for couples is a reception, inn keeper or hostel worker
One of the best jobs for traveling couples is to become an Inn Keeper. No need to worry about paying for your room!


You’ll be able to travel with a calm state of mind, knowing that room and board are taken care of.


On the other hand, it can be difficult finding an inn/hostel willing to accept one person’s employment for room and board…let alone two.  You’ll definitely have to do your research to find accommodations that fit your needs and wants.   

Resources: hosteljobs.net

10) Cruise Ship Employee

How does getting paid to travel with no other expenses sound?  Well, if you’re interested in working on a cruise ship, this is exactly what you’ll be signing up for.  With room and board covered, you’re free to work, travel, and earn!

Cruise Ship Employee can help you travel anywhere


When you work on a cruise ship, budgeting has never been easier!  Report to your shifts, enjoy ports on your off time, and never pay for rent or meals.  


Do keep in mind, as a cruise ship employee, you do relinquish a lot of your own control.  For example, you do not get to choose where you travel to or for how long.  And, being contracted under maritime labor laws, expect to work a lot with hours, not days, off. 

Resources: www.allcruisejobs.com

FAQ about Best Traveling Jobs for Couples

●  How to find the best traveling jobs for couples abroad?

The best way to find the perfect traveling job is to take stock of both of your goals and hopes.  Follow these ­­­3 easy-steps to do just that!

1) Figure out your intended area of travel

First, ask these simple questions:

Is there one specific city you both have your hearts set on, or are you open to anywhere?  Knowing this will help you narrow down opportunities you are and aren’t willing to accept.

2) Discuss your work style(s). 

Second, be open with your significant other.

What are both of your hobbies?  Talents?  Skills? And interests?  Knowing this will help you figure out the kind of opportunities that are appropriate for both of you.  Perhaps you find that both of your ideal work environments align, or perhaps not.  Either way is ok, but it will lead to some meaningful discoveries.  Should you both seek the same gig?  Or is one better suited towards hospitality (hostel worker) while the other prefers artistic ventures (travel photographer), for example?

3) Research! 

Last, get familiar with the laws and requirements of your destination.

Now that you know where you want to go and what to do when you arrive, it’s time to research. 

Couple doing a research to check visa requirements for travelling abroad
  • Does your intended area of travel require working visas? 
  • How long are you allowed to stay in that country, as per the visa’s restrictions? 
  • Do you have friends or family who might have insight into this destination or available traveling jobs for couples there?

Gather as much information as you can in order to make a well-informed decision about where to apply.  Factors to research include available job opportunities, pay, cost of living in that city, and visa requirements.

● What organizations help people travel and/or work abroad?

There are so many different companies that want to help couples make their traveling abroad dreams a reality!  From assisting you with visa questions to matching you with your ideal job, these organizations are happy to help!

Here’s a few just to get your search started:

a) WWOOF and Backroads – For couples who enjoy exploring the outdoors.  See more details in number 8 of “10 Best Traveling Jobs for Couples” above.

b) Smaller Earth – Get matched with a job as an au pair or resort employee in New Zealand, Spain, or Australia!

c) Good Hope Volunteers – Become a nature conservationist or childcare volunteer in Africa.

Join good hope volunteers to travel abroad in Africa

d) DEC Camp – Get employed as a camp counselor with your partner in Ukraine!

Visit www.goabroad.comto take a quiz and get matched with a job abroad that fits you and your partner!

●  What degrees are good for traveling?

Every job above is different, therefore, there is no one right answer to this question.  Typically though, candidates with a bachelor’s degree and some experience with the local language are preferred.  But, more specifically, if you hope to make traveling abroad a long-term career path, then consider these majors:


This is a great choice if you hope to teach English, or any subject, abroad.  Additionally, though, you’ll likely also need a TESOL or CELTA certification. 

(Find out more about these certifications by clicking here


A Marketing Degree is a good degree to get a good job abroad

As we all already know most of today’s marketing revolves around social media.  That means having a marketing degree can increase your chances of securing a job that’s 100% online.  Or, even allow you to open your own online marketing business.

Computer Programming

Yet another high demand field that doesn’t require employees to physically report to work.


What better way to become more familiar with languages abroad than to major in them?  With a linguistics degree, you can boast to future employers that you can pick up the local language quickly.

●  What jobs travel the most?

While every job differs in their travel routine, here are some that will require you to travel quite often:

  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Consultant
  3. Cruise Ship Employee
  4. English Teacher
  5. Tour Guide

However, you can also keep in mind that any online job will give you the most personal freedom to travel.  For example, day trading, online blogging, vlogging, or opening up your own online business.  Since you are your own boss in these scenarios, you won’t be tied down to any location or shift schedules. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, these are the best traveling jobs for couples out there!  From being your own boss online to working alongside locals, we’re sure there’s a job on this list for you.

Or perhaps after reading this with your partner, you’ve both realized this is a lifestyle you’d like to pursue.  However, you’re unsure if it’s financially in the cards for you right now.  If that sounds like you, don’t worry.  Think of it as a financial goal we can help you achieve.

You can start today by getting serious about saving money.  Use some of our favorite money-saving tips found here:

How to Make a Savings Plan in 10 Simple Steps and 21 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget.  Put aside all the money you save using these pieces of advice into a “travel fund.”  And believe us, in no time, you will make your living and working abroad dream into a reality.

Have you and your significant other been considering some traveling jobs for couples recently?  Or better yet, have you already taken advantage of one of these amazing opportunities?  Either way, let us know in the comments below!  We’d love to hear all about it.

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10 Best Traveling Jobs for Couples

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