Tips for Saving Money

How old do you have to be to buy stocks?

Do you aspire to be the next Warren Buffet, but not sure where to start? Do you often ask yourself, “Am I too young to start investing in stocks?” If investing in stocks interests you, but its technicalities scare you,

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How much money do ATMs hold

How much money do ATMs hold?

Today we’re dedicated to quenching your curiosity about all things ATM! The funny thing is, we all use ATMs or Automatic Teller Machines often, and yet know little about them.  Where do you get one?  How much do they cost? 

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How many bank accounts should I have

How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have?

As you get older and become more focused on your finances, there are probably lots of questions on your mind.  How do I prepare for retirement? Why do I need to file taxes?  How many bank accounts should I have? 

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Why Finance is a Good Major

7 BIG Reasons Why Finance is a Good Major

In deciding which career to take, that question always pops out. What major should I take in college?  For sure most people want to build their wealth and you can only do it when you have sound financial knowledge.  If

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